Patrick Carroll’s Fifth Stop on Fundraising Tour: Chicago Boys and Girls Club

Patrick Carroll
4 min readSep 13, 2023

On August 29, 2023, Patrick Carroll self-funded another Boys & Girls Clubs event, this time in Chicago, Illinois at the Union League Boys & Girls Club. This is the fifth stop as he continues on his quest to reach a lofty goal of gifting at least one million dollars worth of footwear to marginalized and disadvantaged youth across the US in a series of 10 events.

Carroll has previously sponsored similar events in New York, Atlanta, GA, Miami, and Tampa. While all of these events are self-funded, Patrick was quick to recognize the generosity and help of celebrities to make the event a success, including Seraphina Sanan, Van Johnson, Cortez Smith, George Daniels, and others who showed up to hand out the sneakers.

The attendees had a fun-filled day in Chicago playing video games donated by Gamesgo Arcade, eating pizza, and interacting with Chicago Bears’ “Tommy Hawk” and Chicago Cubs’ “Staley Da Bear” mascots. The was also a DJ pumping out music and live art demonstrations throughout the day plus many other activities for the whole family to enjoy.

As much fun as the attendees had, Carroll Patrick seems to feel like he is the biggest winner of the day every time he hosts one of these events. He was quoted in the US Sun as saying, “

There’s no better feeling than seeing the kids’ faces filled with excitement when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers. They’re surprised and so happy at the same time. I don’t know of a more genuine and fulfilling experience than I could imagine.”

Patrick says he “got into trouble growing up” and he wants kids to know that if you work hard for your dreams, and put in the effort you can really live the American dream and become a success. He wants underprivileged youth to see what he has become and what they can become if they are willing to reach for their dreams. Basically, his message is that if he can do it, they can do it.

Patrick Carroll was born in Virginia but grew up in Florida. His impressive real estate portfolio today began with a simple venture involving purchasing and flipping properties in Atlanta, Georgia, and evolved into residential investments and development projects that include everything from student housing to multifamily and mixed-used properties and retail centers. His 30,000-plus East Coast property portfolio today provides him significant opportunities to share his story and enrich countless lives along the way.

Carroll’s real estate activities include managing properties, and he has a keen eye for investment opportunities in suburban areas. He envisions reimaging the multifamily rental experience. With a focus on health and wellness, especially in a post-COVID, remote work setting, Carroll believes walkable amenities are a top priority for management companies to consider. He would like to add more, larger green spaces for tenants, and flexible indoor floor plans. Another key design feature for tenants to consider, According to Carroll is no-maintenance living.

Along with philanthropic activities, motivational speaking, and his real estate interest, Patrick Carroll recognizes the benefits of embracing technology as a tool for improving health and wellness in urban settings. Using technology to promote lifestyle changes via wellness apps and products is one approach Carroll is considering worthy of further consideration, especially for remote workers who need assistance managing their overall diet and exercise effectively.

While Patrick Carroll has a special place in his heart for the Boys & Girls Clubs, he serves on the Board in Tampa, he is also active in numerous philanthropic organizations. With a heavy focus on early childhood development, health, and wellness he donates to more than 50 charities around the globe.

Another nonprofit, C.A.R.E. for Special Children, which serves families located in Brooklyn, New York received a generous $1.5 million contribution from Mr. Carroll., He regularly contributes to his high school Alma mater, Jesuit High School, and other organizations. The Heart Fund, also recently received multiple donations for a combined total of $200,000 their kindhearted benefactor.

Patrick Carroll doesn’t just want to put shoes on the feet of disadvantaged children’s feet. He hit some rough patches on his way to success. He wants to encourage and empower children by showing them they too can overcome diversity if they are willing to work hard. His message is not one of fighting for what you need, it is a positive message of reaching for what is possible with pride in yourself and taking care of yourself while you pursue opportunities that present themselves along the way.

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Patrick Carroll

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