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Patrick Carroll
3 min readNov 14, 2023

Over the course of his career, Patrick Carroll has developed quite a reputation for himself. In addition to being one of the premier real estate investment experts in the United States, he’s also a distinguished entrepreneur with a personal fortune estimated to be in excess of a billion dollars. He also co-owns the Italian football team S.P.A.L.

But if you’ve heard his name before or are even already familiar with his work, Patrick Carroll’s penchant for philanthropy may still come as a surprise. It’s something that was on display yet again recently when he partnered with the Union League Boys & Girls Club on a giveaway that saw more than 600 sneakers go to underprivileged kids in the Chicago area.

Patrick Carroll and the $1 Million Giveaway Project

On August 29, Patrick Carroll participated in another one of his renowned “Kickz for Kids” giveaways. In association with the Union League Boys & Girls Club in Chicago, he made sure that 600 pairs of sneakers found their way into the hands (and onto the feet) of underprivileged kids in and around the Chicago area.

It’s important to note that in this instance, the donation was totally self-funded. Carroll did not bring on sponsors of any kind for this one-in-a-lifetime event.

But the sneakers themselves were not the only exciting thing taking place that day. A number of celebrities stopped by to help out, including but not limited to Van Johnson, Cortez Smith, and Disney’s Briannagh D. The event itself also featured video games that GamesgoArcade had donated and even featured an appearance by Staley Da Bear and Tommy Hawk, local mascots of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears, respectively.

This is actually the fifth event of its type that Patrick Carroll has been involved in recently. He also made a stop in New York City in June, where he was joined by reality television star Jon Gosselin. As is true with so many other parts of his life and career, Carroll has set a lofty goal for himself: he wants to donate $1 million worth of sneakers to kids in need across the United States.

Of course, Patrick Carroll also hopes that the kids see this as an inspiring event. His message is simple: if he can do it, anyone can do it. This is not the typical “ success story” that most entrepreneurs share. He’d be the first to admit that he got into some trouble when he was younger. He did not attend or graduate college. He’s been self-taught every step of the way and he’s proof positive that if you just set your mind to it, there is truly no limit to what you can accomplish.

His participation in programs like Kickz For Kids is certainly not a new development in the life of Patrick Carroll. In fact, philanthropy has been deeply ingrained within his core value system for much of his career. He’s made an effort to donate to more than 50 different charities all over the world. He particularly focuses on organizations in the health, wellness, and early childhood development spaces. He’s also on the Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Tampa, and also donates his time and other resources to Habitat for Humanity.

In June 2023, he also personally donated $1.5 million to the organization C.A.R.E. for Special Children. This non-profit, located in Brooklyn, helps the families of children with special needs. In the past he has also donated more than $200,000 to The Heart Fund, among other notable organizations.

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Patrick Carroll

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