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Patrick Carroll
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Patrick Carroll’s own poignant life story lies behind his sense of social responsibility. Founder and CEO of CARROLL, a multinational real estate enterprise, he embodies the true spirit of generosity.

Is It Generosity or Self-Promotion?

In an era where the phrase “giving back” often feels less like generosity and more like a shallow catchphrase, the essence of true social responsibility can easily get lost amid the noise of self-promotion. The genuine commitment to bettering communities often takes a backseat as high-profile figures distance themselves from the causes they purportedly champion. This can thus turn well-intentioned initiatives into mere marketing tactics.


But Patrick Carroll defies this trend. Renowned as the visionary founder and CEO of CARROLL, a global real estate powerhouse, Carroll’s unwavering dedication to service is rooted in his own poignant life story. Raised within the embrace of The Boys and Girls Club, Carroll’s formative years were shaped by the pivotal support of this organization. Moreover, this is a foundation he remains indebted to. The challenges he faced, marked by upheaval and adversity, didn’t deter him. Instead, they fueled his determination to forge a path of education and aspiration.

Carroll Decided Against College After High School

As he graduated high school, Carroll bypassed the well-trodden route of higher education. Instead, he chose to chase real-world wisdom and practical knowledge. This unconventional choice, driven by a thirst for applied experience over theoretical academia, paid off. Today, CARROLL stands as a testament to his foresight, boasting nearly two decades of achievements and a multi-billion-dollar portfolio.

Beyond his business accomplishments, it is Carroll’s authenticity and altruism that truly distinguish him. For example, in the past year alone, his commitment to uplifting the next generation has taken center stage. From joining hands with the Boys and Girls Club in hosting transformative events to providing shoes for hundreds of underprivileged children in Florida and Georgia, Carroll’s impact reverberates. In addition, his personal narrative of resilience and success has served as a beacon of hope for countless youngsters. In fact, he urges them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.


Patrick’s Generosity Is Deeply Personal

Around the same time, Carroll encountered the heart-wrenching tale of Mila Ivanoff. At the time, Mila was a 10-year-old in Florida battling an exceptionally rare form of bone cancer. However, her family struggled to access the required treatment in New York.

Carroll’s response was instinctive and swift. He didn’t just provide financial assistance. He uprooted the entire family to ensure Mila received the lifesaving care she urgently needed.

As a result, Mila’s inspiring journey from adversity to triumph became intertwined with Carroll’s own story. In fact, she has become a cherished figure within his Kicks for Kids non-profit initiative.


As a father of three, Carroll’s philanthropy is indeed deeply personal. His unique blend of parental love and personal history informs his unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of families such as Mila’s. In addition, he also endeavors to aid countless young individuals across the globe.

Having once been a recipient of such kindness himself, he’s resolute in his mission to pay it forward. Moreover, he is unafraid to employ any means necessary. With his sights set on the horizon of 2023, Carroll’s imagination runs free as he aspires to surpass his own charitable feats. To this end, he aims to transform “giving back” from a catchphrase into a way of life.

Patrick Carroll’s Mission Drives Him

Patrick Carroll’s philanthropic fervor extends to his board positions at the Jesuit High School Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay. As a supporter of over 50 charitable organizations worldwide, with a focus on health, wellness, and early childhood development, Patrick’s influence reverberates globally. He’s more than a successful businessman. He’s also a father striving to model a life of impact and purpose for his own sons and the generations to come. This mission drives him to inspire budding entrepreneurs to not only chase their ambitions but to also prioritize health, wellness, and community-a legacy he’s keen to foster.

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Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll is the Founder and CEO of CARROLL, and a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry.